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From: Lawrence LeMay <>
Date: Mon Mar 1 12:40:29 1999

> At 10:40 AM 2/27/99 -0800, Mike Ford wrote:
> >Lawrence LeMay wrote:
> >>Anything with the word Terak on it, that isnt from Star Trek Deep
> >>Space Nine, is a collectable.
> Oh, you're just saying that to inflate the value of your Teraks. :-)

Well, they are historically significant too. They were the first true
microcomputers or something like that (by which I mean a complete
integrated graphics capable monitor & computer combination), and probably
the first to have a menu driven operating system (using single character

And yes, I realize I just opened myself up to about thirty replies,
each claiming Perq or SUN or Xerox, or whoever your favorite manufacturer
is, actually was the first to have feature XXX in their operating system ;)

-Lawrence LeMay
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