HP85 Available

From: Francois <fauradon_at_pclink.com>
Date: Tue Mar 2 06:47:09 1999

For a scan of the BASIC syntax Guidelines got to:
you'll find it in the "tech info" section

>At the last TRW, John picked up an HP85 that he stuck me with :). If
>is interested in it, $10 plus shipping from zip 93105. I haven't weighed it
>yet, but that can be done if anyone is interested. Condition unknown, but
>the guy said his son plugged it in and it worked. No manuals, plugins,
>come with the unit. I also plugged it in, and it ran my usual:
>10 print "hello"
>20 goto 10
>program with no problems, and it sounded like the printer was trying to
>print each iteration of the program. The tape drive roller is gooey
>although it is still round at this point :).
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