goodbye [was e-bay item]

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Wed Mar 3 09:42:36 1999

>On Wed, 3 Mar 1999, Andrew Davie wrote:
>> I have unsubscribed, and will not see any replies unless they are directed
>> to my personal email.
>Jeez, two grand gestures on this list in just two days. What the hell,
>let's make it three. I could use a break. Please accept my grand
>unsubscription too.

The solution is called a email filter. If "eBay" or "auction" is in the
message subject filter the message to a trash folder. I don't see quiting
when things don't go your way as a grand gesture. I am also willing to bet
everyone will return, moth to flame sort of thing. High volume lists take a
toll on the brain, and I know enough of them that I can't stay subcribed to
more than a couple at a time, so I take vacations from several of them for
months at a time. Feels good leaving, feels good coming back.

One last bit on "eBay"
I don't buy very much at all on eBay, the prices are just too high. Its a
sellers market right now, so I try to keep a few items up for bid all the
time, and I am pleased to report things are selling well over local
swapmeet prices. Some items I still bid on, and grumble over when I miss
the bid, or more likely roll my eyes when I see the final bid amounts.

Other items, I prefer to hunt for. It spoils the fun for me to find what I
want at a market price just sitting on a shelf. Price is part of it, but
not all of it, I want to find my choice bit in the bottom of a box or in
some lost corner of a warehouse. I am a junk tiger, and don't like my prey
ground up and put in a dish.
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