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> >What movie featured a group of kids who traveled into space with a ship
> >they built controlled by an Apple //c?
> I think it was 'Explorers', starring a very young River Phoenix as
> the computer nerd... all the schematics for the devices which
> produced oxygen for them, surrounded them with a force field,
> and allowed them to translate from position to position all came
> to them in dreams...
> I loved the space aliens in it (obviously brother and sister)
> who had stolen their parent's space vehicle... the brother talked
> in sound bites from old tv shows...
> It comes on once in awhile on HBO (or can be rented)...
it was a neat movie especially since it showed the //c but i always thought it
was stupid that they made the apple continually make disk drive access noises
to make people think it was "working"

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