The TI 34010

From: Ward D. Griffiths III <>
Date: Wed Mar 3 19:42:11 1999

On Wed, 3 Mar 1999, Tony Duell wrote:

> I have lost count of the number of commerical VT100 emulators that don't
> behave in the same way as a real VT100 (or even in the same way that the
> VT100 documentation states). I've been known to use a real, DEC, VT100 to
> prove the fault was the terminal emulator and not the machine I was
> connecting to. IMHO, if a VT100 does a particular thing, then anything
> claiming to emulate a VT100 must do the same thing.

That means the (alleged) VT100 emulator has to also have switches
(software switches) to pack in an emulation of specific VT100 ROM
versions -- some "real" VT100s are also poor emulators when you
stretch the envelope set by another VT100 revision level. And let's
not think about the "VT100 mode" of a VT320. Actually, I think most
of the software VT100 emulators are based on the behavior of DEC's
VT100 emulation in other DEC terminals.
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