Q: RL01 --> RL02 switching mods

From: Christian Fandt <cfandt_at_netsync.net>
Date: Thu Mar 4 08:35:48 1999

Hi folks,
A week or so ago there was discussion of modifications to switch an RL02
drive to read (only) RL01 discpaks. I want to perform this mod to one of my
RL02s as I have RL01 pacs I want to keep on hand.

Could any of you provide the details to this mod?

That's why I want to trade an RL01-A printset for an RL02 as seen in my
previous msg. I could use a 'roadmap' to help me with this and for future
repairs if needed.

The SN's of the two RL02s are CX 34389 and CX 34390, if that has any
relevance to the modification.

Thanks for your help!

Regards, Chris

PS: I'm getting back into trying to get the 11/34A system up and running.
I have the rack and components down in my basement shop now. (My body is
still sore. That empty BA-11K and empty 6-foot rack are heavy! :) I will
likely be asking a few questions as to why I wasn't able to get a bootup
going last autumn and how to fix it. I'm really just a hardware newbie for now.
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