IIc vs IIc+

From: George Rachor <george_at_racsys.rt.rain.com>
Date: Thu Mar 4 12:02:29 1999

I talked with someone that is still with Apple computer and his belief is
that the ][c LCD display made by Apple had one production run of only
about 2000. There was also a third party LCD panel that I have no
information on. At the time it was introduced it was percieved as
slightly better as it had adjustable contrast. Anyone got information on
this one?

Can I also make the assumption that the Apple ][c LCD panel will also plug
into the ][c+?

George Rachor

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On Thu, 4 Mar 1999, Hans Franke wrote:

> > IIc LCD display $35
> Has this display ever been sold in large numbers ?
> Is it easy to get? I never found one over here in Germany.
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> H.
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