Twinax cabling question

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Thu Mar 4 15:23:49 1999

Grant Zozman wrote:

> Sorry to bother the list with this (probably) basic question, but here goes.
> When assembling twinax patch cables, do the centre conductors in the coax need
> to be connected to the connector pins with any regard to polarity? I noticed
> that one conductor is copper colored and the other is silver, and this has me
> wondering if there is a reason for this color code.
> Thanks! Please reply to me personally if this is too far OT.
> Grant Zozman

The two center conductors are to the pins, and the gold/copper conductor goes to
the hole in the insulator that has the black dot. You slip on the backnut, rubber
washer (groove in it to the pin end), then the spacer with the angle on it (with
the angle towards the rubber washer) then pull the exposed 3/8" braid down over it
and put the cup shaped spacer over it with the cup to the braid you just laid
over. Then you can crimp the pins onto the conductors and spread them to go into
the plastic spacer, putting the copper colored one to the black dot side. Then
index the outer body and put it all together and screw the back nut down, then
lightly tighten the backshell to the body to prevent it from coming apart.

Help any? Other than the pins, everything else is reusable.
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