The TI 34010

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Date: Sat Mar 6 02:55:40 1999

The TI 34020 is the (principally similar) successor to the 34010, and I have
designed in my company our basic bread-and-butter product of that time
around that some 7 years ago. This is machine vision, i.e. digital image

I do not think it is advisable to emulate anything. If you want to build the
Perfect Computer (tm) I would suggest to use Linux as operating system, and
write your own driver for whatever display hardware you see fit.

The TI 340x0 family is best viewed as a totally general microprocessor,
which happens to have a few special gadgets for image / graphics processing.
There is nothing you could not do in principle by using any other
but some things - in particular drawing graphics - will just be significantly
faster on the TI 340x0. The basic thing to know is that in those days people
were most concerned about putting graphics display lists on the screen,
that is you have a list of triangles, lines, circles, and whatnot, and the
hardware primitives (really microcode of course) on the TI 340x0 allow you
to do that pretty efficiently.

That in other word means, that _ON_ _THE_ _APPLICATION_ _LEVEL_
you must be prepared to hand DISPLAY LISTS over to the graphcis processor;
in those times, that was done by people like AutoCad, e.g.

John G. Zabolitzky
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