The TI 34010

From: Derek Peschel <>
Date: Sat Mar 6 19:58:12 1999

In an alternate universe, Sean wrote:
> It was thus said that the Great Derek Peschel once stated:

> > I'd either have to
> > write all the software myself, port it from the IBM -- but the point was
> > to *avoid* all the cruftiness of the IBM -- or write a PC emulator. Ick.
> > Of course I could get the software from somewhere else.
> What type of software are you talking about? Most programs for the IBM PC
> are just as crufty as the hardware. Heck, most software period is just as
> crufty as the PC hardware. It's uncommon to find a decently designed piece
> of software actually.

I already mentioned games. I haven't exactly decided what software my
perfect computer would have. I was partly alluding to the problem of
getting the system up and running, which may require a lot of low-level

> > Also, I fear that any design I could come up with will never be as fast as
> > any current PowerPC or Intel systems. Those hacks do serve a purpose!
> It doesn't have to be fast, it has to be balanced; CPU speed alone does
> not a computer make. The other issue is I/O. Sure, an 80286 might have
> more processing power than an IBM 360/370 [1], but an IBM 360/370 still
> smokes even today's Pentium based computers because of I/O---a modern PC
> still can't handle hundreds of thousands of transactions per minute. The
> I/O is seriously lacking.

That's a good point (and something I've thought of myself, and had forgotten
until you mentioned it). But it also testifies to the advanced resources
and incredible amounts of money that modern manufacturers have (and I don't
have). I think that 10-20 years ago, the situation was different.

> > What are the chances of successfully emulating EGA?
> Why? EGA is betcherous. Ick ptui!

The discussion started out with VGA. VGA is not practical, and I think
Hercules/CGA/MDA are. EGA is the only card we haven't covered yet.

And EGA is bletcherous in different ways than VGA. :) It seems to have a
slightly saner design; of course you may be saying that the design makes it
too limited. Also it has a monitor interface that's different than any
other PC graphics standard, right?

-- Derek
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