OT? Tek Scopes

From: Bill Yakowenko <yakowenk_at_cs.unc.edu>
Date: Sat Mar 6 21:17:46 1999

Visiting a surplus shop today, I found a small herd of Tek Oscilliscopes. Some
of them looked pretty old to me. They want real money for them too. Details:

        Model Mod 1 Mod 2 Cart
        ----- ----- ----- -----
        564 3C66 2B67
        564 3A74 2B67 Y
        504 Y
        561A 3A72 2B67
        5111 5A20N 5B10N
        515A Y
        549 1a1 Y
        D11 5A14N 5B10N Y
        564B 3A9 3B4

Prices were originally $200 for most of them, except the 549, which was $400.
Some of them had been marked down to $100. They have some kind of automatic
decrease in price based on how long things stay in the store (1% per day?),
but most of them have been there only since late February. And I don't know
how that effects the ones that were "manually" marked down.

I suspect these prices are outlandish. The same place wants $25 for 2400
baud modems. :-) Anyway, the age-based discount may eventually make the
prices more reasonable. At least for the scopes, if not the modems.

The ones marked "Y" under "Cart" had a "Scope-Mobile" cart with them. But I
didn't think to get model numbers from those.

Oh, and I can't guarantee that these work. I didn't ask if they would allow
me to test them, and at present I don't know enough to be able to test them
anyway. I also can't guarantee that they'll still be there when I next visit.


0. How old are these guys?

1. Are any of these potentially useful for computer work? Can they handle the
   frequencies used in old machines, say, up to a few MHz? (Judging from their
   apparent age, I wouldn't hope for much more than that.)

2. Anybody want one? Be aware that in addition to the price tag, I wouldn't
   expect these guys to be easy or cheap to ship. (At least one time in the
   past I have had to back out of a deal because I couldn't arrange shipping
   within cost & safety constraints.) And the carts are probably too big to
   go through UPS or USPS. Given all that, if you want one, let me know.

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