The TI 34010

From: Ram Meenakshisundaram <>
Date: Sat Mar 6 21:31:47 1999

The Atari Transputer Workstation (ATW) is an example of a computer that doesn't
use a host. It is build upon a T800 transputer processor and runs the Helios Operating
System. Another example is XTM from Cogent Research (does anyone have a picture
and/or docs for this machine) which ran Linda and NeWS-based X-Windows system. It
was also powered by a transputer without a host. The transputer only uses the host
for I/O and for downloading the initial program. As Tony said, you can also boot from ROM
and use different types of TRAMS to handle I/O without a host. For info on the ATW, I suggest
you check out For general info on transputers, you
can see my webpage at


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