18 Classic Computers Delivered, a beaut day.

From: Derek Peschel <dpeschel_at_u.washington.edu>
Date: Sun Mar 7 06:09:53 1999

> Of these computers, the CPT is the least known (to me). I can find only one
> mention of it on the Web and that guy didn't even have a boot disk for it.
> At least I have some 8" disks (don't know if it works yet, still got to do
> the preliminary check-out before applying power). One of the floppies says
> "Tandon CPT" on it (hand-written) and a sticker somewhere suggests it was
> built in Ireland. I'd appreciate some more info on it.
> Hardly anything on the net about this chunky IBM Display Writer either, its
> not even on the Comprehensive Computer Catalog as far as I can see ...

I'm not an expert on CPT, but I did have one of their dedicated word
processors for a while. (It may have used a Z-80, I forget. It had 3.5"
drives.) Do you know if your model was designed as a general-purpose
computer or as a turnkey word processor?

As for the DisplayWriter, the situation is pretty similar. I think you need
IBM's software to get it to work. I don't know how much reverse engineering
has been done (thus, how easy it is to run other programs).

-- Derek
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