From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Sun Mar 7 10:55:34 1999

<Nice enough laser printers for their day, but they tend to overheat, if
<memory serves. If you get one, make SURE the fan works. Check. I seem
<to recall we had problems with those on a Vax site I worked on once.

Only if the fans are missing or dead. I was part of that design team and
overheating was never a problem. The most common problem was a printer
designed for an peak use of 5,000 pages a month being used as a line
printer. They get a bit tired and cranky if they werent kept clean and
get over a million pages on them. Inshort they were commonly abused.

Oh, one note... there are about 5 versions of the printer depeinding on the
logic (ansi, enhanced ansi, postscript, postscript/ansi hybrid, video engine
<part of QPSS package>).

Oh the launch date is 1984 and production continued through 90-91 (memory

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