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From: Anthony Clifton - Wirehead <>
Date: Sun Mar 7 18:37:36 1999

>On Sun, 7 Mar 1999, Chuck McManis wrote:
>> I'm sorry Anthony but I have to object, we already had this discussion that
>> this was not the list to talk about Ebay and now you are turning it _into_

>I think what Anthony is doing is quite admirable. Instead of taking his
>stuff directly to ebay, he's offering it here on the list with a very fair

Thanks Sellam. That's precisely what I'm trying to do. I want the stuff
to go to people who'll actually collect or use it. The auction lists and
Ebay get the stuff snapped up by investor types who think they can turn a
buck. The problem is that alot of what I'm selling isn't Altairs and IMSAIs
and have very specific purposes. Only those who actually use the stuff will
know what it's for and why they'd want it.

>I don't think what he's doing is much different than offering it for
>outright sale really. He's simply giving himself a chance to get the best
>price he can while at the same time offering it in a way that remains fair
>for the buyer.
That's true. In addition, doing a sealed bid auction insures that traffic
to the list resulting from my postings is nil. If it's sealed bid, everyone
has to send responses to ME ONLY or their bid becomes public knowledge.

>I don't think he's been excessive with his auctions either. So far it
>seems to be one every week or so.

I've been trying to keep it no more frequent than 3 or 4 days between
items. I have alot of stuff to sell but doing it this way makes it easier
to keep track of what's in progress, what needs to be shipped out, etc.

Response to Objections from Chuck:

At any rate, I've only had one complaint on this but I've got bids on
all the items I've posted so I can't see that I'm really causing a
problem. It's ok to object to what I'm doing in principle and I respect
that but I'm doing everything I can to make a win-win situation and I
think that's reflected in the manner with which I've been conducting


Anthony Clifton - Wirehead
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