disassembling a monitor

From: Bill Yakowenko <yakowenk_at_cs.unc.edu>
Date: Sun Mar 7 19:04:43 1999

Okay, this is stupid. It should be a simple thing. But, as I
always say, better safe than dead. So...

Can anybody give me pointers on disassembling an IBM 5151 monitor?

I rescued one from a dumpster, but it seems to have something
metallic-sounding loose inside. Since it sounds like metal (and
not glass, for instance), I want to remove it (or properly attach
it wherever it belongs) before powering up. I can imagine all sorts
of bad things that a loose bit of metal could do inside a monitor
with the power on.

I know enough to avoid the high voltages once I get inside, but
would much prefer to get inside without breaking the CRT's neck.

The enclosure is made of two parts; the front that fits around the
face of the CRT and the front half of the bottom form one piece;
the remainder is the second. When I set the thing on its face
and remove all screws in the second piece, the front half of the
bottom flexes inward under the weight of whatever is attached to
it. It does this enough to worry me - any attached innards must
be getting closer to the CRT's neck when that happens.


        Thanks in advance.
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