AUCTION - Eprom Programmer

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Mon Mar 8 03:37:29 1999

>> I don't think what he's doing is much different than offering it for
>> outright sale really. He's simply giving himself a chance to get the best
>> price he can while at the same time offering it in a way that remains fair
>> for the buyer.
>I like the idea of items being offered for sale to the group but, I
>don't like the idea of bidding (secretively) against my friends.

Something for people to at least consider is to offer items as, first
reasonable offer. The catch here is how I would define a reasonable offer;
either a price I personally set (whether I choose to reveal it or not), or
a price that no other bid exceeds by say 50%.

The idea here is to arrive at a "fair" price, with a process that isn't too
slanted in favor of the buyer or seller.
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