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From: Mike <>
Date: Mon Mar 8 09:10:04 1999

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From: Christian Fandt <>

>No problem Mike! ;)

Alright Christian, schwing!

>I've got my ETA-3400 packed away with the ET-3400 and a bunch of other
>docs. I built both from kits back in 1981/82. I'll have to dig around for
>the box (one of those *many* boxes we still need to go through after moving
>into this house a year ago.) Found two boxes I'd never opened from my last
>move into the old house 22 years ago! Contained good radio parts to keep
>though :)
>Anyway, I'll have to hunt for and pull out the ETA-3400 docs and find a way
>to make copies for you. May have to go to a commercial copy house and pay
>as I've not got a new job yet (which usually comes with a copier ;) Is
>that okay Mike?

Any convenient way for you is fine with me. (Hurry! ;) )

>BTW, this was a really fun accessory to the ET-3400. Learned my first uP
>and some basic computing from the ET. Hence, my lean toward Motorola's uP
>families and away from the Intel types.
>IIRC, the ETA has Tiny Basic in ROM. I recall having fun lashing it up to
>my new, freshly-built H-19 terminal and later, my freshly-built H-8
>computer via a terminal program (which I've long forgotten which) from the
>HUG. Those were the days! :-) :-) :-)

Cool, TB too... truely a magical little box. (My H8 and H19 is sitting on
the sidelines waiting to talk to their brother...) In the mean time, I'll
go back and dig in the old Remarks and see if I can find anything more on it

>Regards, Chris

- Mike:
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