Doors anyone? (was DSD board)

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Date: Mon Mar 8 11:26:43 1999

>> If you have the DSD-440 hooked to your PDP-11, you
>> can just boot the utility floppy that came with the
>> DSD-440...

>You presume much. I got this box from Ohio State in
>two racks of PDP-11 hardware about ten years ago. I
>did get a lot of software, but I don't recall a DSD

Seeing as how all DSD units shipped with a DSD diagnostics
disk in the first place, I don't think anyone would complain if I
offered "replacement" floppies for the cost of postage. The
diagnostics disk that came with my DSD440 actually works with many
other DSD floppy models, too.

>> Never, ever, lose the hyperdiagnostics section of
>> your DSD440 manual!

>I can't lose what I never had. Want to help me not
>lose it by sending me a copy? I will, of course, pay
>shipping and copying charges.

Sounds like a fair deal! Anyone else interested, let me
( know and I'll run off some copies and get
the total costs estimated.

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