E&L Mini-Micro Designer

From: Francois <fauradon_at_pclink.com>
Date: Tue Mar 9 15:35:09 1999

There I've saved the two images in EPS (Encapsulated Postcript format). Now
for the bad news: The files are about ten times bigger than their GIF
counterparts. I can not afford to place them on my server but if you don't
mind long downloads I can send them to you as attachement.
I knew there was a reason for using GIF:)

>> I just uploaded the schematics as published in Radio Electronics in May
>> it's at :
>> www.pclink.com/fauradon
>> under the tech info page.
>This gives me an interesting dilemma. Is it going to be quicker for me to
>figure out some way to print that out on my Postscript printer or for me
>to trace the schematics out from the real hardware :-)
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