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From: Robert Lund <>
Date: Tue Mar 9 21:17:07 1999

Eric Smith wrote:

> > The one attractive thing we loose by creating 60meg PDF files is the
> > ability to browse pages without downloading the entire thing....
> > Or am I missing something in Acrobat that will pull pages on demand
> > from a table of contents?
> If you "optimize" the PDF using Acrobat Exchange 3.0 or newer, and your
> web server supports HTTP 1.1 byte-serving, and the user has the Acrobat
> Reader plug-in for the browser, you do get page-at-a-time browsing.

At least on the one-piece docs such as found on, the first page is
displayed using the PDFViewer plug-in as soon as it's in, while Netscape
continues to download the entire document in the background. But this isn't
truly "pulling pages on demand", as the document has to be browsed serially.
Thus Acrobat Reader's "Go To Page" command isn't provided in the PDFViewer

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