vax, cdroms, etc

From: Jim Strickland <>
Date: Wed Mar 10 14:49:19 1999

> You know, there is a handy VMS command called HELP:

Eeep. I didn't read far enough down on the examples.

> >2. When doing a show dev on a VS3100/40, the cdrom drive should show
> > up on the device list, right? (I suspect I goofed up the wiring on the
> > CDROM case)
> Yes, it should, as a "RO" (Read Only) device.
> One potential gotcha - your 3100 most likely has the host adapter at ID#6.
> So the CD-ROM obviously has to have a different ID.

Aha. this explains a great deal. I'll make sure my cdrom is set to something
besides 6. I still suspect its devselect wiring is munged so if that doesn't
get it I think I know what to do.

> It absolutely expects parity, though most drives will generate parity on output
> and ignore it on input if jumpered for no parity. It also prefers drives that
> can be jumpered for 512 bytes/sector (though in some cases it will succesfully
> do a MODE SELECT to override a 2048 byte/sector setting.).

Ahhh. Okay. I'll try the drive as is, then. :)

Many thanks, Tim.


Jim Strickland
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