List of Macintosh stuff available

From: Max Eskin <>
Date: Wed Mar 10 15:34:31 1999

Allright, I have the list of stuff that I can ship. Please reply to me
personally, first come - first served. Read the whole e-mail there are
some goodies at the bottom. Much of this stuff I would prefer if it went
to someone who has historical interests in mind. Most of this stuff I will
ship anywhere for the price of shipping.

Package of original Mac IIci manuals includes thin Macintosh Reference
booklet, Getting started book, and the system software disks (6.0.?).

Microsoft Works: Lessons booklet

Hypercard 1.2.2 package includes User's Guide, Introduction to Scripting,
and the hypercard disks.

Mac SE Owner's Guide (2x) (thin)

Mac Plus Owner's Guide (thin)

System Software 6.0 User's guide (fairly thick)

Applelink 6.0 User's guide (average thickness) (old network program. I
could be persuaded to find the floppies)

Macintosh Utilities User's guide (average thickness) (for System 6)

A disassembled Macintosh IIx in unknown condition. This is missing the ROM
SIMM, but it has RAM, the hard drive, a video card, a PSU, and the
motherboard. It's an '030 w/math coprocessor. Would like some small
payment beyond the shipping charge.

System 7.0 demo CD (EBAY ALERT!) This is simply an awesome CD. It is the
demos that would be run in-store, using hypercard. It only runs on System
7 and below, though. This is a future classic, or simply e-bay bait.

Apple Nov. 1990 Service Source CD

Apple reference/presentations lib. v.4.0 and v.7.0 CD

Apple Lan Literacy 1000 CD

1989 Welcome to Macintosh demo CD

Sigma demo CD

Farallon's Greatest Hits Black Album CD

Mac Showcase (1988) CD

Macromind demo CD

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