vax, cdroms, etc

From: Geoff Roberts <>
Date: Wed Mar 10 20:45:33 1999

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Date: Wednesday, 10 March 1999 5:02
Subject: Re: vax, cdroms, etc

>Why bother unless you're short on memory. You can get UCX as part of the
>Hobbyist program, and apparently two more TCP stacks will be available on
>the Hobbyist program around the middle of this month (sorry can't remember
>which ones).

My money would be on Multinet and/or TCPware.

>Now that the new Hobbyist program
>is available all my VAXen run DECnet as does the one Alpha, the other Alpha
>runs DECnet and UCX. Next step, clustering.

Sniff. The hobbyist program is apparently STILL not available to us in Oz.
Not even the 'old' one.
Anyone know what the problem is?


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