Info needed: PDP-11/03

From: Megan <>
Date: Wed Mar 10 22:07:07 1999

> Do you know anything about "storage cards" made by National Memory
>Systems? There's one of those stuck in it. Assy # 980100996.

I don't... I'm sure someone else here does...

> Here's a list of what else I found in it:
>M7954 GP-IB interface
>M7270 LSI-11/2 16 bit CPU (2 of them)
>M9400YA 120 Ohm terminator w/ refresh and floppy boot
>M8400CF 16K word 16 bit MOS RAM
>M7940 Serial Line Unit (SLU, Async)
>M7946 RX01 floppy disk controller
>M7264 11/03 Proccessor w/ 4K work MOS RAM.

Three processor boards?! You only need one...

> Here's a list of the docs that I got with it:
>Introduction to RT-11 (missing some pages)
>Informer Computer terminal model D-301 Maintenance manual
>DECLAB Fortran Extensions User's Guide & update notice 1
>LSI-11 WCS User's Guide
>RT-11 Software Support Manual
>RT-11 Documentation Directory
>RT-11 Fortran VO1C

Which version of RT-11 are the docs for?

> I have a couple of more questions. What did they use the GPIB interface
>for? Is it just an instrument interface or did it connect to some of the
>system devices like it did with the PET and HP computers?

It is an instrument interface... whether one of those instruments
could be another computer, I don't know...

>Are the LSI-11/2 CPUs needed in this system or does the 11/03 processor
>replace them?

Depends on your needs... the 11/03 has memory, the 11/2's don't. The
11/2's take up less room. Both need a console interface board.

>Is there any reason to have to 11/02 CPUs in it?

You listed three... but no, no reason for 2 in a *working* machine.
But the person who you got them from may have simply put them in the
backplane to prevent damage, in which case it doesn't matter what's
in it...

>I didn't get a powe supply with this, can I make one up using the
>voltages shown on the card cage or is there anything specail that I need
>to know about? Do the voltages have to be applied in a certain sequence
>or anything like that?

What kind of backplane did you get? Someone here may have a spare
so that you can get it working... Other than that, you might be
able to get it working if you cobble something together...

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