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From: Jim Strickland <>
Date: Thu Mar 11 13:11:44 1999

> I think Tim was exagerating <sp>, I've got a RRD40 and use it on my
> VS3100/30. While it isn't a 1x CD-ROM really, it isn't a 0.1x either. I'll
> put it this way it's installing VMS off of CD-ROM with it than off of TK-50.
> On the other hand I have heard it described as a .5x CD.
> Zane

Oh definately lots better than doing it off a tk50. To the point that in my
previous life as a VMS sysadmin it was worth my time to load VMS install
cds in the infoserver, mount them on the vaxcluster, then trot across campus
and do a decnet copy over the campus network from the cluster to a standalone
machine. (make sure you do /readcheck/writecheck if you do this.) Took
about an hour to transfer the entire installation set, if memory serves.

So flash forward to yesterday... my 3100/40 is running VMS 6.1, which I've heard
has problems with seagate disks. The disk I ordered for it is (naturally)
a seagate 11200N. The console software sees it just fine, but VMS won't
INIT it. So to test various theories, I plugged in a 40 meg quantum out of
an old Mac. Lowleveled it successfully. VMS refuses to format IT either.

To make sure I don't have a hardware problem I plugged in one of my plethora
of rz23s. Low leveled IT. VMS init'd it in a couple seconds, and I was able
to access the drive.

Does VMS 6.1 have problems with all foreign drives, or did I just luck out and
find the two it won't play ball with? Or am I overlooking something?

The VaxStation itself refuses to see the CDROM drive. I've had compatibility
issues with this drive before - it was designed strictly for PCs - so I
won't be surprised if it can't switch to 512k block mode. I'm going to try
a different one once I get the hard disk problem resolved. (the drive that
refuses to work at all is an NEC 24x OEM SCSI drive. It also can't do audio
extraction, which is why it's no longer in my PC.)

On the bright side I was able to copy the install packages for CMU-TCP onto
a cdrom, so hopefully once I get the system disk transfered to a large enough
drive and get the cdrom working I can bring the thing on the net with minimal
difficulty. (Thanks Tim for pointing out where that's documented in the help

Jim Strickland
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