Help! Apple //c keyboard & whatnot...

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Thu Mar 11 13:04:14 1999

>>Start by taking it apart and giving it a good cleaning. Its just a few
>>screws and a little convincing, and the keyboard comes off as a unit with I
>>think just one more screw inside (which I hope to remember to put back in
>>one of mine next time I open it up).
>But does this only get the keyboard out of the computer, or does this tear
>down the keyboard itself... I've tried the "keyboard in the dishwasher"

The keyboard is the typical metal sheet on the back, keys on the front flat
thing and it comes out with one screw once the case is open.

>routine, and the "keyboard and the toothbrush" routine... and personally,
>I've not had any success with them. (This is not to say that it doesn't
>work... the only thing I've *ever* successfully glued together with
>superglue are my fingers. The stuff must work, to sell so much - but I must
>just be plain stupid regarding its use 'cause it doesn't ever work for
>me... that's why I use epoxy - works every time.) Subsequently, the only
>way I've ever successfully restored a keyboard (to better than new, I might
>add) is by full teardown, clean, lube (judiciously...) and reassemble. I
>have done this with several keyboards, and always had a winner.

I have had zero success with superglue as well. Epoxy mostly loves me, so I
plan to 'stick' with it.

I have washed a couple keyboards with mixed success, some things got fixed,
but nothing got worse. I have a couple of local sources for keyboards
though that are cheap enough I had to stop fiddling with funky keyboards.

>>I would not spend more effort than that, they are just too cheap.
>>Reluctant machines become organ donors for the more promising.
>Define "cheap." This is probably the only //c in existance in over a 50

$5 is a typical swapmeet price for a working IIc, $20 a typical found it at
the swap meet tested it and now selling it on the net price. Parts
typically sell for much more than the whole system, but individually less.
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