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From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Thu Mar 11 14:31:05 1999

On 11 Mar 99 at 19:37, Tony Duell wrote:

> > Background props, man! They did indeed have the correct monitors. A DEC
> > Rainbow has to have the correct monitor to work. But they were never
> That's news to me! (and to my Rainbows)...
> The _colour_ montitor is a standard TV-rate sync-on-green unit. Just
> about any similar monitor will work. It doesn't have to be a VR241
 Where would you plug in the k-b ?

> The mono monitor (VR201) is actually a standard composite unit with a
> strange connector. When I got my first 'bow, I didn't get a VR201 with
> it, so I made up a kludgebox to link it to a normal mono monitor. Worked
> fine. Of course I got the right monitor about a week later..
> -tony
 Took me the longest time to acquire a BCC-02 cable for my 'bow,(BCC-03 for
color) not being as intrepid as you Tony. Had the mono monitor VR201 so
maybe that spaceage design with the little drop-down pole to angle the monitor
coupled with the 15pin connector intimidated me. As well as the K-B plug on
the monitor and taking power from the "bow. That was not a minor kludge.

ciao larry
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