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Date: Sat Mar 13 17:50:37 1999

Yeah, tony was supposed to send a 'parts only' c-128, and maybe
a 1571, but I haven't heard from him. I haven't pursued this
for two reasons: I haven't sent him any money, and he has had a
seriously life-changing experience, leaving destruction in its wake.

SO, anyway, is there a way to properly handle deadbeats onthis
list? There's someone I'd like to publicly embarass, but I'm unsure
if it would be the proper thing to do. . . .


On 13 Mar 1999 20:07:02 -0000 Eric Smith <> writes:
>Back in November, Tony Dellett posted to this list a message offering
>a bunch of items for sale. A copy is attached below.
>Would anyone who purchased items from Tony please send me private
>Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1998 21:24:10 -0500
>From: "Dellett, Anthony" <>
>To: "Discussion re-collecting of classic computers"
>Subject: Spring Cleaning
>X-To: "''" <>
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>I know it's not spring but it is time for me to thin out my
>collection. I'm
>offering these for sale here first before sending them off to ebay.
>Email me with offers to I dont get time
>check the list much so posing a reply there will get you nowhere.
>Atari 800 (not working, parts?)
>Atari 1050 Disk Drive (two of them)
>Commodore 64 (complete in box, I have two like this)
>Commodore 1541 Disk Drive (2 in box, one works, one doesn't)
>Commodore 1541 II Disk Drive (complete in box)
>Commodore 128 (complete in box)
>Commodore 1571 Disk Drive (complete in box)
>Compupro S-100 Enclosure (motherboard and PS only, no cards)
>IMSAI 8080 W/8080 Processor Card, SIO4 (Godbout w/docs), RAM64
>w/docs), PIO8 (IMSAI)
>Kaypro I (incl. boot disk)
>Kaypro II (incl. boot disk)
>Kaypro IV (incl. boot disk)
>NorthStar Horizon (not working)
>NorthStar Advantage (works completely, with boot disk)
>Osborne I (not working)
>Osborne Executive (incl. boot disk)
>Processor Technology SOL w/SOLOS personality module
>Sanyo CP/M System (with software)
>TI-99/4A Computer (beige model, in box)
>TRS-80 Model III (with some software)
>8" DS/DD Floppy Drive (in wooden enclosure) and Controller (Godbout
>8" SS/SD Floppy Drive (no enclosure)
>8" SS/SD Dual Drive Subsystem (ICOM)
>8" Hard Disk Drive in enclosure w/controller (Fujitsu Hard Drive,
>Controller w/docs)
>I also have some random Commodore stuff that I cant remember (modem,
>paddles, trackball, etc...) I can take a closer look if anyone is
>A word of warning... I'd like to sell these things to someone on the
>but I'll only accept "reasonable" offers.

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