IBM PC 5150 with no drives?

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Date: Sun Mar 14 17:24:10 1999

I remember buying my 5150 with 16 K, no drives, and *both*
the CGA and MDA adapters. So how many people know the answer
to the trivia question: if you had *both* adapters (and, presumably,
two monitors), which one did you have to tell system to default to?
(Via a switch/jumper? on the motherboard) :)

I financed the PC with IBM, buying the rock bottom miminum system,
and the IBM Assembler. Picked it up, drove straight to a garage in
south San Jose, and bought a couple of floppies, a controller, RAM
chips for the motherboard (48KB, to take it to 64 KB), and a Sigma
Designs (?) RAM board (I think) to add more memory. I remember
that I had waited until DOS 1.1 came out, because I wasn't
comfortable with the patch some people were doing to make DOS 1.0
handle double sided drives. Good thing...when 1.1 came out, it
handled the drives in a manner incompatible with the patched
version, IIRC.

Sadly, the 5150 disappeared when we we burglarized some years
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