TSR-80 Model 4 keyboard problems

From: bluoval <bluoval_at_mindspring.com>
Date: Sun Mar 14 19:38:39 1999

Tony Duell wrote:

> >
> > When i hit some keys, it displays the wrong letter. Sometimes it
> > displays all caps then all lower case. What's wrong with it? How do i
> > fix it?
> Is it a keyboard problem or a display problem? Can you give some examples
> of what you type and what it displays as? Is it consistent?
> Try typing some BASIC commands, using the right keys (no matter what they
> display as for the moment). Do they work (even if displayed incorrectly),
> or do you get syntax errors?
> Do characters already on the screen change. In other words will a 'C' on
> the screen change to an 'A' or to a 'c' or something like that. If so,
> then there's a fault somewhere around the video memory. I have the
> schematics for the old version of the Model 4 CPU board somewhere.
> Or is it that the keys generate the wrong characters? Can you type all
> the characters you should be able to (even by pressing the wrong keys)?
> -tony

Some keys display the wrong character. they don't change when they're already
on screen. Sometimes they're caps and sometime not. For example: 'x'
sometimes comes out as 'X' then sometimes as 'x'. C displays 'A' or 'a', 3
displays a 1, ect. I tried to clean the keyboard w/ compressed air, but no
luck. Any ideas?
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