IBM PC 5150 with no drives?

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Mon Mar 15 15:09:39 1999

Joe wrote:

> No, The PC and XT both came with FH drives. The XT also came with a FH hard
> drive.

There were variants all over. I have one that is shipping soon that has a
Seagate ST-225 (half high) but has a full height faceplate, with IBM molded
into it. I've also had XT's with factory HH floppies. Either you had a stack of
2 ith a trim ring, or one with a lower blanking bay and trim ring. Many of the
ones with HH units seem to be the later part of production though.

RTC's usually came on aftermarket cards on PC and XT machines, even on the
Sanyo MBC-55x series. No need to add a battery if there was no need to backup
setup info, right? Sell 'em another expensive board right? That's the ticket,
and they'll believe that we're doing it all for them. I still say that someone
created this modular thing as a convenience, and then used it to slowly drain
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