classic operating systems

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Mon Mar 15 16:36:51 1999

>::> :: Although, not specifically an operating system, Forth
>::> ::can be used as an operating system. The normal disk
>::> Is there a good introduction to Forth anywhere? Web preferred.
>Hmm, but that seems more a collection of links. I found a few papers
>but they assumed some Forth knowledge already, which I don't have (I
>don't even know the basic syntax). Any help appreciated :-)

Easy, Forth is kind of like APL. I forget the details and how variables
were handled, but its basically like this;

Fraggle; defined as some sequence of code.
Rraggle; defined as some other sequence.

Then in your program you could define

End Graggle

Anything you define gets executed when the name is referenced.

I used to forth around a bit on a AIM65. Rockwell was big into Forth at
least for a bit. Dandy control language IMNSHO.
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