Got a question....PDP? VAX?

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Mon Mar 15 19:42:38 1999

<How does passing their building prove that they still make VAXen
<(as opposed to Alpha-based hardware)?

I still have friends inside. The subtle point being I used to work there
and make a point of keeping in touch with the activities of what's left
of the old DEC. Also I didn't say making, I said selling.

I believe there is little if any VAX chip production going on.

<> Also the OS is still current and planned for future for the
<> Alpha.
<No, it has already been available for Alpha for eight years. It's not
<planned for the future, except in the sense that they are continuing to
<support it.

Nit picking crap again. I was a Digit when it was ported to Alpha. While
nt and Unix was more or less new to alpha I was running a Jenson (early
alpha) on my desk and using VMS.

Keep in mind I run VAXen, talk to Digits (now Compaq) and live local to the
action so to speak.

<However, a little more thorough searching reveals that as of January 25,
<they still offered:
< VAXstation 4000 Model 96
< MicroVAX 3100 Model 88
< MicroVAX 3100 Model 98
< VAX 4000 Model 108
< VAX 7000 Model 810 (up to six CPUs)

Asked and answered.

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