HP CS/80,SS/80 & Amigo Protocols

From: jeff.kaneko_at_juno.com <(jeff.kaneko_at_juno.com)>
Date: Mon Mar 15 22:41:02 1999


I got the docs you sent, I think these will help quite
a bit! I'm gonna put a few dollars in the
mail to cover postage, etc.



On 10 Mar 1999 16:18:13 -0800 Frank McConnell <fmc_at_reanimators.org>
>Jeffrey l Kaneko <jeff.kaneko_at_juno.com> wrote:
>> Does anyone have the docs for these HP protocols?
>Parts of CS/80, from the 7941/7945 service manual. I'd like to get
>info on the rest too.
>> The Amigo protocol is the oldest. Then the CS-80,
>> and the SS-80 is the newest. I think any of
>> these would be relevent to the work I'm doing.
>For real? Can you talk about it?
>-Frank McConnell

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