MPT-05 videogame system from ITMC - help!

From: BOISSEAU Olivier <>
Date: Tue Mar 16 07:18:03 1999

Hello there !

I've found a new system this week-end, the MPT-05 from ITMC. A quite
and strange system.
By talking with a friend, we have put a very small list of known carts
for this system:

MT06 Morpion Electronique
MT11 Tir de chasse
MT14 Jeux de Cirque
MT16 Reversi
MT19 Musique et M?moire

Then by looking at the Voltmace Database cart list made by Teflon, I've
found that some of them are very similar to our list:

8 Shooting Gallery = MT11
12 Circus = MT14
14 Four in a Row = MT06
21 Musical Memory = MT19
and ??? =MT16 Reversi

I think the MPT-05 is a Voltmace Database clone which wouldn't be
surprising since I have a Hanimex MPT-02 which is a RCA Studio 2 clone
a MPT-03 which is an Arcadia 2001 clone !

Or maybe the MPT-05 is a clone of the Acetronic MPU-1000.

Could someone tell me more/give me info/or whatever related to the
Voltmace System/Acetronic MPU-1000 or even ITMC MPT-05 ?


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