Tiny Basic again

From: Dwight Elvey <elvey_at_hal.com>
Date: Tue Mar 16 15:11:02 1999

Dave Dameron <ddameron_at_earthlink.net> wrote:
> See if you can find the book "PCC's Reference book of Personal and Home
> Computing". It has an article and the commented source of Palo Alto Tiny
> Basic, for 8080 and Z-80 by Li-Chen Wang. It is version 3 and is later then
> the one printed in an early Dr. Dobbs.
> Is this what you've found?
> -Dave

Hi Dave
 This is the one I found. It seems quite similar to the
version I have. It has been quite helpful on filling in
info. The book as a hole doesn't have much other than
the listing. The PROMs I have were specifically tuned to work with
the Poly88 ( a S-100, 8080 machine, credited as being
the first front panel-less S-100 machine, two switches,
power and reset but no turbo ).
 The place Sellam mentioned has a file ( tbas-cod.zip )
that has all kinds of programs and an assembly listing
for an extended TBI that was on his machine. It was
an Altair 8800 so for those that have these, here is a
ready to run version ( adapted from vers 1.0 ).
 All good fun!
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