MiniScribe 3438 --- HELLLP!!!!

From: Jason Willgruber <>
Date: Tue Mar 16 19:36:20 1999

    Does anyone on this vast earth know the jumper settings for a MiniScribe
3438 hard drive???

I've searched EVERYWHERE, and found the following:

- It is either MFM or RLL
- It is either 32 or 22 MB
- It is either 5.25 HH or 3.5" FH.

Of the sites I've found, one says that it's RLL, another says it's MFM.
Another site says it's both. Between the sites, one said it was 22 MB, the
other two said 32. One of the sites said that it was a 5.25" HH drive, and
the last said that it was a FH 3.5" (is there even such a thing?).

Other than the fact that it's 5.25" HH, I know NOTHING (useful) about this
drive. The jumper settings seem to have vanished, along with the physical
drive specs.

                 -Jason Willgruber
                  ICQ#: 1730318
Received on Tue Mar 16 1999 - 19:36:20 GMT

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