VMS architects

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Date: Tue Mar 16 18:17:19 1999

<together. A group known as =93The Blue Ribbon Committee=94 included three
<hardware engineers -- Bill Strecker, Richie Lary, and Steve Rothman --
<and three software engineers -- Dave Cutler, Dick Hustvedt, and Peter
< Lipman. They simplified early designs and created a plan that would be
< possible to execute. The fifth design evolution was perfected and accepted
<in April of 1976, exactly one year after the design work began."=
<So I guess Dave Cutler was there from the beginning of VMS development.

Never said he wan't there... His pride and joy was RSX-11, which was the
foundation for the VMS filesystem. Wats forgotten is the VMS was originally
loaded with 16bit code mostly for the utilities but some in the core. this
was part of the roll out as the VAX-11/780 could execute PDP-11 code

The blue ribbon committe was comprized of chief and principle engineers
and while they spec'ed the whole project and planned a great deal they
didn't "write all the code". It was a far larger organization that did
that. Same was true for hardware. By the early '80s the design of the
VAX and VMS was reduced to a DEC STD... n All vaxen were based off that
as was VMS.

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