Intel MCS-86

From: Joe <>
Date: Tue Mar 16 21:31:25 1999


   Thanks, I thought two of the ICs were EPROMs and probably contained a
monitor program. Could you make a copy of the docs for me or are they too


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>From: Joe <>
>>I just picked up an Intel MCS-86 Microcomputer System Prototype Kit today.
>>It has a bunch of ICs in it and an Intel Product Description booklet. Does
>>anyone know if there are any instructions for this or is the PD book all
>>that came with them?
>Hi Joe,
>I just got one myself... it came with four pieces of documentation:
> 1. SDK-86 MCS-86 System Design Kit User's Guide
> 2. SDK-86 MCS-86 System Design Kit Monitor Listings
> 3. SDK-86 MCD-86 System Design Kit Assembly Manual
> 4. 9 pages of schematics
>- Mike:
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