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From: Christian Fandt <>
Date: Wed Mar 17 15:08:59 1999

Upon the date 09:53 AM 3/17/99 -0600, Larry Groebe said something like:
>> Bruce Lane wrote:
>>> That has got to be the DUMBest idea I've seen come along in years!
>> Let us know what you find out. I hope that "kilobyte" won't become one of
>> those words that instantly marks their users as classic-computer freaks.
>> I know jargon changes, but I don't want it to change in this case.
>> -- Derek
>Here's one (slightly outdated) reference - but no question, it's not a joke.

Okay, upon closely reading the above referenced doc it doesn't seem such a
pain in the neck after all. The sense that I get from the last sentence of
the first paragraph is that both nomenclatures will be used. The familiar
kilobyte, et al can still be used by us as we talk about our old stuff. The
justification is rather clear as the article presents it. (IMO!)

Regards, Chris
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