HP 85 & a bit more.

From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Wed Mar 17 17:01:04 1999

Allison wrote
> Tu55/56 the 3/4" tape on reels Most PDP-n before 1973ish
And don't forget the original 555 transport, and the LINCtape.

> Tu60 phillips digital cassette PDP-8, PDP-11 mostly
I've never seen this referred to officially as DECtape. It was called
DECcassette. Since this was not a block-addressable random access device,
it is substantially less like DECtape than the TU58, and couldn't be used
as a "system device" for OS/8 or RT11.

> TU58 DC100 cartridge, DEC unique format. PDP-11, VAX730, VAX750
DECtape II.

> I'd love to have a TU55/56 Dectape (the open reel style).

My arm could be twisted to make a tape available, but it sounds like you want
a transport, and they are hard to come by.

I've partially completed a caching SCSI controller for the TU56 drive.
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