KA620 ?

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Date: Thu Mar 18 07:30:19 1999

> I got a VAX CPU board and it is a KA620, what kind of VAX was that? I
> haven't found it in the module list yet ...

A KA620 is basically a KA630 without the full memory management logic.
Useful for real-time embedded VAX applications, especially under VAXELN, but
not supported by VMS.

If you're really interested in this board, you can buy the _KA620-A
CPU Module User Guide_ from DECDirect - part number EK-KA620-UG. You
can still buy the VAXELN development tools from Compaq/Digital, which
is the "supported" KA620 development suite, too. If you do, look
forward to receiving about 600 lbs of printed manuals!

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