Disks! 5.25" disks! I'm in *heaven*!

From: John Amirault <amirault_at_epix.net>
Date: Thu Mar 18 10:29:34 1999

I can get 5 1/4" low density disks all the time _at_ my local (30 Miles
away) Salvation Army Store for about TEN CENTS each plus 8% tax plus
actual shipping, they usually have programs on them and I have my
Packard Bell Cyrix 300 set up with a low density drive so I can do a
virus scan on each disk before I use it on my PCJr. I forgot one time
and my Jr got STONED.
My question to you is: How many disks do you want?
I currently have two unopened boxes of ten disks each. One box is 3M the
other is Verbatim, both are 360 kb when formatted. I do not know if they
are formatted as the boxes don't say. The two unopened boxes are not for
sale. I will find more unopened boxes probably though.

John Amirault

Cameron Kaiser wrote:
> See
> http://store.imation.com/
> and Diskette Products. DD 5.25" disks! Rapturous! They even have them
> for RX-50! *And* 8" disks! But be prepared to pay through the nose, of
> course ...
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