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From: Dwight Elvey <elvey_at_hal.com>
Date: Thu Mar 18 10:56:12 1999

"Jason Willgruber" <roblwill_at_usaor.net> wrote:
> It appears to have been manufactured by Covox, Inc., around 1991. It is a
> small tan box, about 1.5"x2"x1/2". It's got a male DB-25 connector on one
> end, and a female DB-25 on the other end. It's got a 3-foot length of wire
> (the type that's on Walkman headsets) coming out of the side.

Hi Jason
 Covox made a number of boards to digitize sound. These were
to go with there software that did voice recognition.
The wires you are looking at were most likely microphone
and earphone wires.
 I don't know if the company is still in existence but
I think they were in Los Gatos, Ca. A quick check with
their chamber of commerce should turn up something.
 I have a board someplace that would take some 10
or so words and convert them to commands that were
jammed in the keyboard input. The A/D was quite cheap
and most sound boards had better quality.
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