Weird PS/2!

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Thu Mar 18 22:01:53 1999

>Another strange find today, a PS-2 with a pull out hard drive. It's a Model
>50 and has a steel box about 2.5" x 4" located bewteen the floppy drive and
>OFF/ON switch. There's a keylock below it and a chrome handle on the box.
>The box is about 7.5 deep and has a 50 pin SCSI type connector on the rear
>that mates with socket in the machine. On top of th ebox it's marked
>"Standard 5.0 software loaded 29 Jan 93". There is also a sticker on the
>front of the computer that says "IVT PS 50RD". Has anyone ever seen one of
>these before?
> Joe

Based on the Era of the computer I'd guess it was a system that was part of
some Military system. The first systems I ever saw removable HD's on were
systems modified for the Military. That way the drive could be pulled out
and locked up.

Of course now it's finally getting easy to find the sleds, one of my PC's
has 4 different sleds, each with a different OS.

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