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From: Lance Lyon <>
Date: Fri Mar 19 15:48:26 1999

Derek Peschel wrote:

> > -Lawrence (yes I want an Exidy, who doesn't?) LeMay
> Why is that, exactly? I'm not trying to disparage the Exidy, but apart from
> its rarity I can't tell it apart from most other EightiesBASICBoxes (tm).
> Is it the rarity? The fact that the Exidy was a pioneer? Did I miss
> something important about the machine?

Isn't it a 70's machine, I seem to remember the power-up message was "Copyright
1979 Exidy Inc."

It was the first computer I ever laid hands on, so in my case it's nostalgic -
there's a thought, I could contact my old high scholl & see if they've still got

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