LSI-11 question

From: Jay West <>
Date: Fri Mar 19 07:15:13 1999

Chuck Wrote...

>I would like to put together a simple PDP-11 system. I've got a M7270 card
>(LSI 11 processor) and an M8044-DB card (32KW MOS memory). I've also got a
>couple of PDP-11/03 and PDP-11/23 rack chassis that are both QBUS. I've
>also got a pair of RX02 drives. Does the M7270 go into an 11/03 chassis?
>What other cards would I need to build a usable '11 ? No doubt a floppy
>controller card of some sort (although I also recently got the DSD440 to go
>with the funky RX02 emulator card) Some sort of serial port for a terminal
>(M number?) What is the minimum RT-11 system?
>I also picked up the programmers panel for a PDP-11/10. I'd love to put
>together a PDP-11/10 if I new what to look for.

Hey Chuck - A while back I picked up a box with a pretty fair amount of
LSI-11 stuff. AIR, it had some front panel cards, some processor cards, some
memory cards, etc. etc. I really have no interest in the LSI-11 stuff, so
you're welcome to have it.

If I get a chance this weekend I'll come up with a list of what all's there
LSI11 related...

Jay West
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