Another treasure for grabs

From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Fri Mar 19 12:07:46 1999

Aaron Christopher Finney <> wrote:
> To anyone who wants to pay the outrageous shipping (or pick up in
> Southern California), a Sun 3/50. 12meg RAM, type 3 keyboard, mouse (I
> think). It's the flat-style case, although I also have a non-working
> 3/50 in a dimple case for anyone who wants that as well. I was using it
> as an X terminal for a while, but it's been sitting under a pile of HP
> stuff for 6 months...

Y'know, sometimes that can be the solution to a problem. When I got a
Micro GX 3000 (HP) a few years ago, I found it was kind of noisy due
to the hard disk in its base. As I lived in a second-floor apartment
this was a problem. So I got a Sun 3/60 as a cold spare for one I was
running at the time, and put it under the 3000. Just the ticket -- it
damped the vibes from the 3000, and I was able to hack late into the
night without complaint.

-Frank McConnell
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