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From: Aaron Christopher Finney <>
Date: Fri Mar 19 13:06:41 1999

Sellam Ismail wrote:

> Now, what I'm trying to say is, while this sounds like a very cool idea,
> it has the potential to get destroyed by the very thing we're trying to
> avoid. A system needs to be designed to insure that there is a level of
> integrity maintained, otherwise you just have another ebay, and one ebay
> is bad enough.

On a small scale, it would be a nice resource for the members of this
list to have a simple, searchable registry of who's looking for what.
You don't even have to disclose what you're willing to pay (I think it'd
be much more anti-ebay if there weren't any dollar signs on it at all),
but just that you would like anyone who has one of these systems
available to contact you. This would simply be a contact facilitator,
and the independent parties could then negotiate prices, etc.

Worst case would be that the professional auction sellers would find out
and start flooding the registrants with URLs of their eBay auctions. But
if it's a "registered user" service, it would be simple enough to
implement a "no-eBay" policy and boot people for doing that.

It would make it *much* easier to negotiate trades too. If party "A"
contacts party "B" about the Co-Co they've been looking for, party "B"
can look up party "A's" want list and come up with an appropriate trade

I don't have much time at all, but have a lot of experience with web
programming and would definitely donate whatever time and energy I could
to something like this, if someone wanted to actually organise a

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